Purpose of Shroffism

  • Dr. Manjula Pooja Shroff believes that, the purpose of SHROFFism is to help you discover the power of unleashing the true potential of your body, mind, and spirit by understanding and applying tools to enhance the human design. Living an abundant life requires a holistic approach.
  • Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have everything while others are barely getting by on a daily basis? Let us understand that the people who seem to have everything are just using a fraction of their own consciousness. Few people are aware of their boundless potential as humans, and even fewer are able to use it for their own and society's overall good.
  • Here at SHROFFism school, we teach you techniques to rebuild your life. It leads you through the 3 key dimensions of self: Mental, Physical and Spiritual Or the #MPS!
  • “Nothing is impossible in the world of higher consciousness. The word "No" does not exist. The word "No" or "Impossible" is a creation of the human mind. The Universe always gives you what you fervently, single-mindedly ask for...the Universe blesses you. The Sanskrit word for the blessing of your desire is "Tathastu," which means so it be” says Dr. Shroff.
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