Physical Well-Being

  • Physical well-being is another important aspect of overall well-being. A healthy body harbours a great mind and spirit. Today’s fast paced life and technological revolutions have ensured that we have the World at our finger tips… This convenience has led to a totally sedentary lifestyle and a hoard of diseases. Dr. Manjula Pooja Shroff feels that physical well-being can be achieved by a healthy mix of exercise, diet and appropriate life style choices.
  • Exercise- Incorporate some exercise in your routine. Human body can be compared to machinery, that if not maintained well can rust and become useless… Unfortunately unlike machinery, not all our parts are replaceable.
  • Diet- ‘You are what you eat’. In old times, most of the people did a lot of physical labour and so the inclusion of sweet and fat was important in the daily diet. Today majority of the people are confronting challenging mental tasks in desk jobs and eat highly processed, packaged food. It’s important to take a close look at what we eat as the food should nourish our body and mind.
  • Lifestyle- A sedentary life style is a harbinger of diseases. You can inculcate certain conscious lifestyle changes to keep yourself physically fit. Include 2 minute exercises periodically at desk. Give your eyes a break after looking at a stretch at your computer/ smartphone screen; take a stroll down the corridor… Dr. Manjula Pooja Shroff’s SHROFFism videos inspire you towards achieving Physical well-being.


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