Purpose of Shroffism

  • The purpose of Shroffism is to help you discover the power of unleashing the fullest potential of the body, mind and spirit thereby staying forever young.
  • Age is just a number if your mind, body and spirit are agile. In fact with age we acquire a better wisdom to live life fully.
  • With the benchmark for age and health constantly rising, it is important to live a clean and healthy life. Being and feeling young needs a holistic approach. It requires expanding your horizons and living fully every day. Dr. Manjula Pooja Shroff who personifies grace and youth, is time and again asked about her secret to staying young. That’s why she created Shroffism, to provide an insight into the habits and practices that have helped keep her youthful and healthy.
  • With a stellar career as an Edupreneur that has spanned over 25 years, she has been the driving force behind the growth of The Kalorex Group. She is a mother to a son but also to thousands of other children, whose lives she has impacted through education. This includes hundreds of underprivileged families who she has helped uplift through her philanthropic creation, The Visamo Kids. Over the past two and a half decades, she has consistently worked 16-18 hours a day while also successfully balancing her life at home. An avid traveller, a graceful dancer, a talented singer, an enthusiastic cyclist and an entrepreneur with the core mission of ‘Education for All’, she is an inspiration to many.
  • Shroffism provides in her own words, a guide that promotes a holistic outlook on the way of living in today’s jet set times. Heavily borrowed from her daily routine and lifestyle, SHROFFism leads you through the 3 key dimensions of self: Mental, Physical and Spiritual. Or the #MPS!
  • She redefines the whole process of ageing by saying, “There is no such thing as growing old. You are as young as you think and behave. You only need to inculcate a little bit of discipline in your daily routine and voila! Keeping young is no longer a dream.”